The beautiful place

How are you doing? This is a check-in. A taking-stock of where and how we are at this moment.

I’m days from launch, cramming for my real-world internet debut. I’m installing caching plug-in’s (two days ago, I didn’t even know what “caching” was!) I’m running speed tests. I’m deciding about social media links. And weighing the pro’s and con’s of chat enabling software. I’ve got a lump in my belly, a sore back, and a warm heart 🙂

I owned my domain for 8 months before I took the plunge into fiddling with blogging tech. Writing the posts, finding images, and creating turned out to be way more fun than I’d anticipated. But the learning curve isn’t bending down! It seems like every victory uncovers more things I should learn, to be thorough and conscientious and on my game.

I’ve been watching MMA fights, trying to absorb some Conor McGregor-style resilience and bravado! If he can train, fight, win, and come back from injury and defeat as he does, then I can learn some internet stuff! I can work through my anxiety. I can help fight climate change.

With your help, I can do this. I want you to know that I know my site isn’t “perfect.” But I’m a blogging newbie. I’ll get better. Can I ask for your feedback? Please. Help me improve. That’s an invitation for constructive criticism, not cruelty!

A word on comments: by all means, express your feelings, but ad hominem attacks and other trolling B.S. isn’t productive. We’re all grown up’s here.

I have great plans and ideas for this site. I want a podcast here. I want this to be a hub for climate change discussion, thoughts about community building, and creating a prosperous and healthy future. I want people to feel welcome, informed, supported, inspired, and empowered here. This is an interesting and stressful time to be alive, if you’re plugged in to the wider picture. Homo sapiens is looking right at its own evolution. And saying, “ya, I don’t think I like the idea of evolving much, thank you!”

No, I’m kidding, but what is true is that humanity’s choices now either get us closer to that improved place, or farther from anything resembling progress. I can taste that better world; I call the future, with green economy and vibrant communities, “the beautiful place.”

I’m trying to create my own little beautiful place. And I also want to help you catch glimpses of yours. This blog is one of my tools, a central one. Thanks for visiting. Thanks for being!

Please tell me what you’d like to see written about here. Everything we are and do is effected by climate change. Let me know what will help you cope, function, feel, dream, relate, and act better and more effectively. Thank-you!

Step by step, community by community, with every project, big and small, we evolve towards the beautiful place. Onward.