Earth warrior Michael C. Ruppert

I’ve had a companion the last few days. His name is Michael C. Ruppert.

You may have heard of him… he was a huge figure for many people for many years, and his presence still looms large via the internet. He was an indefatigable curator and analyst of political and economic current events. He was especially interested in that nexus where power, money, and energy sources (especially oil) meet. But his curiosity, thirst for knowledge and truth, and drive to inform his fellow man were endless.

He was one of the first to sound the alarm about “peak oil,” where oil, the fuel of ever-increasing economic growth, gets harder and harder to extract. We’ve been through that peak… that’s why the search for oil by oil companies has become more radical, more dangerous, and way more expensive.

He blew the whistle on the CIA after he, an LAPD narcs detective, was approached to aid in that agency’s importation of drugs into America. He refused and was forced to resign due to threats on his life. There’s a FANTASTIC video showing Mike confronting then CIA Director, Alan Deutch, with the pointed statement, “I will tell you, Director Deutch, as a former Las Angeles Police narcotics detective that the agency has dealt drugs throughout this country for a long time.” The roar of the approving crowd and Deutch’s nervous response are astonishing, and a triumph for anyone who considers corruption and abuse of power by the State and its proxies as morally repulsive and totally unjust.

He deeply investigated 9/11, the murder of thousands of Americans by hijackers flying airplanes into buildings. That event was, of course, the catalyst for Team U.S.A.’s “war on terror,” that suspended civil liberties all over the world. America has not yet fully rescinded those suspensions, even though there’s never been another incident on American soil, America invaded Middle Eastern countries and started wars that’ve resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people, and private companies have joined governments in establishing a surveillance state that apparently never gets questioned by “democratic representatives.”

I can only imagine what Mike would’ve had to say about COVID-19, various governments’ responses to it, and the possible sequelae that’ll result from it.

You might think, “this is a peculiar type of man to write about breathlessly on a climate change site!”

But you’d be wrong, because one of the things I love most about Michael C. Ruppert is his unabashed love for our planet; he proudly called himself a “Gaian,” i.e. a person who believes Earth is alive and mysteriously sentient, a spiritual being in and of herself, a planet ensouled. He was profoundly attracted to traditional Indigenous spiritual beliefs and practices. Mike perceived humanity’s destruction of our planet as a consequence of our profound “disconnect” from our home, our essential mother. And that our stupid quest for infinite growth on a finite planet- i.e. a planet that cannot endlessly supply resources or infinitely absorb the toxins we produce- was ultimately suicidal and was fated, 100%, to end. He tried to tell us that the signs of that end were screaming at us loudly.

I share Mike’s beliefs about our planet. So I see Mike as a kindred spirit, a true brother, a seeker on the same path as those of us who want to expose and change humanity’s destructive beliefs and actions before it’s too late.

I just wish Mike was still with us. He took his own life in April of 2014. He was only 63 years old. He took a universe from us- the one that lived between his ears. And another- the one that lived in his heart.

Mike and his dog, Rags

He was a lion. He was a guru, a teacher, a mystic, a prophet. His commitment to excellence, to evidence, to backing up his work so it would stand on its own, were exemplary. He quested for facts, then passed on what he’d gleaned. He sought out teachers and he acknowledged them. He made his findings and learnings public because he WANTED PEOPLE TO KNOW.

In other words, he cared. He knew he couldn’t reach everyone, but he never stopped trying to reach JUST ONE MORE.

He was gentle and kind, open-minded, funny, a warrior and a pioneer, a man’s man who wasn’t embarrassed to say that men should value the feminine too, including the feminine in themselves.

The evolution of his life is fascinating. He was born in February of 1951. His mom was a CIA cryptanalyst and his dad was a pilot in the U.S. Airforce. He became a policeman to help people, to do good. Fate found him when he learned about CIA drug-smuggling. From then on, his life wasn’t easy. He sacrificed his health, his time, his career, his energy for us, those of us who can hear him, those of us who know there’s something seriously awry with western “democracies.”

He would’ve been magnificent calling out Trump. He would’ve instantly recognized the bread and circuses that now characterize American politics. He would’ve instantly seen the U.S. Fed’s “bail-out”- supposedly an attempt to ease the economic savaging regular American citizens are experiencing- as what it REALLY is: a desperate ploy to protect the assets of the 1%. He’d say: “this is pennies for the people and endless treasure for the rich, as usual.” He’d know the bail-out is more transfer of wealth, more reverse-Robin Hood. More extreme exacerbation of American wealth inequality. A joke, satire, a travesty, complete dishonor, rank theft, the machinations of the mobsters that now dominate the American government. He knew at least 20 years ago that Wall Street is always the State, and the State is always Wall Street.

Yes, he would’ve known. He would’ve stated it. He was unafraid to speak truth to power, no matter how risky that was. He had an unerring moral instinct and drive that resonated with so many people. So his loss is colossal. I know I share my grief with a lot of people. I’m pretty sure that like me, like everyone who is “touched by” suicide, my fellow grievers are a bit angry at him too. He had time, we think. He could’ve taught us more. He said on Joe Rogan in March of 2013 that he was working on a new book.

Maybe he just got tired. Which I can certainly understand. He carried such heavy loads. With climate change and all the political corruption, I’ll be honest, I’ve been depressed. Was he out of hope? Could meds have helped Mike? We can’t know now. He was a man who purposefully took his own destiny into his own hands. He was deliberate and precise about how he died. He believed death was not actually an ending, it was a passage to something new. But still I can’t help but be selfish, and wish he was alive still on the Earth, with us.

Of course, he lives on in those who knew him, and those who, like me, know him only through his friends, and his work. They are the living links to the vital, charismatic person who was Michael C. Ruppert.

He’s been a wonderful companion these last few days. I’ve watched every video I can find of him. Every word he speaks is potent and meaningful on many levels and in many ways. So I have a lot more to learn from him. Here are some of my biggest take-away’s from my time with Mike so far:

  1. Our political-economic system, which is built on debt, and which relies on even more debt to fuel economic growth is not sustainable. You can’t have unlimited growth on a finite planet. Our economic paradigm is suicidal.
  2. You can’t change society unless you change how money works within that society.
  3. Oil will become increasingly difficult to extract. Prices will go up and there will be shortages until eventually people just can’t get, or can’t afford to buy, oil. It may take a decade, but it’s going to happen eventually. Other important resources have peaked too.
  4. We are reaching the tipping points at which our unsustainable paradigm meets the limits of our planetary resources and therefore the industrial age is coming to an end. Homo Petroleum- “man of oil,” whose society is based on and powered by oil- will die in the coming decades.
  5. Thus we the people have to get independent of oil, and begin transitioning to a life wherein we take care of ourselves and each other much more. Economies will localize, food will be grown at and close to home, and nature will be regenerated via permaculture principles.
  6. Mike’s big worries were climate change; nuclear pollution (especially Fukushima) and war, and the physical fact of nuclear power stations needing safe shut-down; war in general, especially for scarce resources, including oil (Mike believed the invasion of Iraq and U.S. aggression towards Iran were covert quests for oil); and greed.

I hope you’ll check out some of the many video’s of Mike on Youtube. His books are:

Some Mike quotes (these are all from the interview Mike did with Joe Rogan in Mar/13):

  • “They have to manufacture all this drama to make you think there’s a democracy at work out there!”
  • “It’s more profitable now to destroy things then it is to save them.”
  • “This is a government of the banks, by the banks, and for the banks.”
  • All [Obama’s] done is make us pay for all of the Wall Street crime! They’ve taken all that debt, all the money they printed, the derivatives, and the bail-out shit, and they put it on our backs, and that’s what’s happening all around the world! All that debt that belonged to Wall Street is now on our backs.”

There’s a biography of Mike called “Scout: a memoir of investigative journalist Michael C. Ruppert.”

Godspeed, brother. I’ll always be listening for you.