COVID-19 rage post

I don’t know, y’all, I might have to start putting trigger warnings at the top of every post from now on! Is it just me, or has this social distancing thing put some realities about western life under the microscope for other people as well?

Klee: “Twittering Machine”

March was a hard month for me. I was practically glued to Twitter just trying to figure out where “the virus” was lurking and how it might effect us all. All while my so-called “government” rammed through an austerity budget and gave itself police-state powers. I got no posting done… and I probably should have tried to capture some of that craziness, if only for future reference. To aid in the “adjustment period” accompanying any other calamities we’re bound now to face, because I can’t help but see COVID-19 as the beginnings of a “new normal,” in which pandemics become more common. It’s just one of the joys climate change promises. And we here in Alberta might be stuck with a completely corrupt government for another three Godforsaken years.

Although I didn’t post, I did write a bit, including:

COVID-19 has forced me right up against a few truths that have rapidly made my life suck!

1- I have no one to really turn to in a time of crisis. I can talk to some of my family and friends, but none of them can really make a difference. They are in the same boat as myself. We all would like to get off, but don’t know how. It doesn’t seem like anyone really knows how to escape this life I can only encapsulate as “consumption dependent.”


2- I am a human wrecking ball (along with other people- some much worse than others). I don’t want to be, but no matter how hard I want to not harm my planet, I’m forced to harm my planet. I can’t live in a home without being surrounded by plastics & all kinds of noxious chemicals. I can’t eat without producing a bunch of plastic waste, & ingesting more man-made chemicals. Then I produce wastes that don’t go back to the Earth. I can’t breathe without sucking in a bunch of airborne pollutants produced by bloodless entities called “corporations.” I can’t even feel assured that the recycling I work so hard to accomplish is even being completed once I throw stuff in my bin. I can’t stay warm, eat, read, look at my laptop, or drink water without causing the release of CO2.

3- I try hard to learn and reduce my consumption and eat from my garden, etc, but there has been this massive brain drain in that the people who knew how to live without supporting corporations are elders or gone. And I think about all the wisdom and adaptive skill they took with them and I mourn, and confront the existential truth: I cannot survive right now without harming my planet. I cannot live without enabling this sick, unsustainable cycle of consumption followed by production of all kinds of useless waste.

4- Then I come face-to-face with the knowledge that I am actually paying for the production of a lot of this Earth destruction through the dollars I am FORCED to give my government. And not only do I pay for corporate externalities, I now, because of the corrupt provincial government, pay for oil companies, even after being given a bunch of taxpayer money, to abandon the responsibility the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA ruled they have- to clean up the “orphaned” wells they sucked dry, used up and threw away. Typical corporate externalization with the added twist of doing an end run around the LAW!

User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons

5- Worst of all, I can’t count on my fellow human beings giving a fuck (excuse me- I did say “rage post!”) about any of this. Because, they say, what in the hell would I do about it? It’s the response I get all the time: yea, I know what you’re saying is true, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

6- I guess daily life kept me busy, so that I didn’t think about all of this too much. But now I’m at home. And I’m watching “leaders” use this health emergency to pass draconian austerity budgets, to prosper off of various kinds of insider profiteering, to advance their agenda’s of hate, gaslighting, division, and fear, all while being fully supported by their ever-slavering “base” ignorami. Yea, there’s voices of derision, but what changes? Nothing. The fascists are winning, no matter how openly they screw us. Our only recourse is to pull together, but I often feel like the chances of that are small. I’ve seen how “progressives” treat each other. History is supposed to be this arc towards justice. Bullshit. The Earth has never been so desecrated, police frame innocents, slavery is tolerated in American prisons, asylum seekers have their children abducted, and nothing gets better. The psychopathic bullying asses are on top.

Forced isolation is only a small part of what I’m confronting.

Two things have really taken a toll on my mental health since taking on “climate change educator” as primary job: corruption, and the enabling of corruption by effected persons (us- you and me.)

AND I’ve been down the economic rabbit hole. I found out that central banks are based on debt, in a nutshell. The banking sector is incentivized to loan, and thereby create money, but when defaults start, the system threatens to crash, then we, taxpayers, are forced to bail them out! So not only do we have a climate crisis, the foundation of western societies is a Ponzi scheme. So I’ve been trying to understand how we can fix the climate crisis, with all the change and work that involves, when we’ve got this highly vulnerable economic situation. Oh, and then there’s the whole big complication of the 1% getting all the gains for our work.

The real wealth is PEOPLE. People working creating things. Concrete back and forth exchanges of valuable things that enable life, water, food, shelter, and land are wealth. Silver and gold, because they endure and can be divided, have historically retained the ability to be an exchange of value. But the fiat money central banks create out of thin air, when added to the money pool, devalue each dollar. That means the average person’s purchasing power is greatly reduced when banks create money as they’re doing now.

I know that this corrupt system is not going to be broken down and changed until truly progressive, mentally healthy, empathizing people are running the thing. That’s the bottom line. We are never going to be able to transition fast enough without gov’t officials who support the transition, and who will design and implement policy that can get that job done.

“March on Versailles”

A pandemic, a climate crisis, a rotten money system, and an entrenched bunch of people who would rather be corrupt then risk their jobs.

It’s time for the revolution everyone.

ON THE OTHER HAND: the Earth is doing better… the down-turn in the global economy, reduced use of fossil fuels, greatly lessened pollution is doing her good. I’m going to post about that soon. Positive posts will return, fear not.

The Prozac will kick in!! (P.S. don’t be ashamed to get help if you need it, please!)

Fare well for now all.