3 Questions

It’s hard, when starting a brand new blog, to know what to post first. This conundrum is made worse when the subject of the blog has controversy baked right in! What do I start with? How do I avoid overwhelming or offending people from moment one? How can I build an informative platform?

I finally settled on this approach: if I knew very little about climate change- as I did just three years ago- what would I have wanted to learn first? I settled on these three things:

  1. how do I deal with my fear, anger, and grief related to climate change?
  2. what are the critical things I need to know and do in order to protect myself, my friends and family, and everyone else I care about?
  3. what do we have to look forward to i.e. what might a green economy look like?

These three questions, it seems to me, are the essential, nitty-gritty foundation upon which all other climate change discussion sits. People are grappling, if not in complete denial, with the threat climate change poses. And that grappling is completely appropriate. It’s what we SHOULD be doing. Governments are not taking climate change seriously, but that is NOT rational behavior. They’re failing us. So it’s critical that we, regular people, learn all we can, and do what we can. We aren’t powerless, as I’ll show you.

Not powerless, but maybe scared, sad, and angry. I’ve written a post on how I learned to manage my ecogrief (a catch-all term for all those crappy climate-change related feelings.) But please right now take a minute to remind yourself that in this moment, you’re safe. We have time to learn apart, then pull together. I don’t know you, but the Creator made you, and I know you’re loved (I am a person of faith). In the effort to mitigate and adapt to climate change, we all have a place, and a space, and I welcome you to mine!