Join the adaptation movement!

Hi! My name is Kristi. Over the last 3 years, I’ve become increasingly worried about our world. We face many issues, but climate change is arguably the most pressing. The good news is that acting on climate change allows us to address many other serious challenges, including wealth inequality, poverty, and that pervasive feeling of scarcity that makes most of us feel insecure and defensive. But it appears our governments are paralyzed, and we, the people, are getting no useful guidance.

I’ve been educating myself. On this site, I’ll share everything I’m learning to empower you to protect yourself, your family, and the other people you care about.

There are many smart people worldwide working on climate change mitigation and adaptation. We don’t have to feel doomed or condemned to a bleak scenario anymore. In fact, I’ve come to believe that adapting to climate change means challenges, but it also means massive opportunities. We can look forward to great jobs and a cleaner, healthier world. But we need to begin now!

Here you’ll find straight-up and well-sourced information, and practical, effective action ideas. Own and protect your life by implementing as many concrete actions as you can. I’ll show you how. We’re in this together!